Constantly reinforcing our comprehensive safety program to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.
That’s the Paschen Way.

At Paschen, Safety is Always First

The safety of our employees and clients is of the highest importance to Paschen. Simply put, there is no job so important, no task so urgent, that we cannot take the time to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

To maintain this critical objective, Paschen established a comprehensive safety program spearheaded by full-time safety professionals and adhered to by all Paschen employees, who receive ongoing safety training.

Through the program, our Risk Management team performs site-specific safety analyses and develops project safety plans for every project. The plans are then implemented and monitored by our Construction Superintendent and dedicated Project Safety team with the oversight of Risk Management. 

Our process is reinforced by an objective, third party safety consultant who performs audits and issues safety scores on a regular basis. To encourage compliance, we offer a Safety Incentive Program that provides rewards to staff that deliver excellent safety performance based on the consultant’s audits.

All together, Paschen’s people and processes ensure the continuous reinforcement and improvement of the safety culture on every construction project.

It’s this level of commitment and effort that has enabled Paschen to earn an Experience Modification Rating of .62 for 2016.


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