Meet Our Executives

Since joining F.H. Paschen a little over a decade ago, Bob has helped the company grow from a quarter-million-dollar business to a $2 billion national enterprise. And he did it...the Paschen Way.

Robert F. Zitek, P.E.

Senior Vice President

Robert Zitek is Senior Vice President and is responsible for the Estimating Department at F. H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen. He holds an engineering degree from Illinois Institute of Technology and a Professional Engineering License in the State of Illinois.  Bob’s special aptitude is coordinating numbers, schemes and competitive advantages to out-bid the competition in order to secure work and subsequently build it.

With 46 years of experience in the industry, Bob has served in a variety of positions including Estimator, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Project Executive, Construction Manager and Vice President. He has experience with a broad range of projects including new buildings, building renovations, tunnels, dams, highways, bridges, airports, mass transit, water treatment, wastewater treatment/processing plants and numerous other types of projects.

Bob started working while in high school, when he became the manager of a small restaurant.  Before graduating high school, he had become both a certified auto mechanic and a certified welder.  His construction career began with a steel fabricator, where he worked after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps.  At this time Bob, decided to obtain his engineering degree from IIT.   His first job post-degree was in S.A. Healy’s new Building Division - headed by Bud Paschen.  Bob again joined Bud’s team in 1997 at F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen.  At that time, the company was estimating approximately $250 million of work per year; today FHPSNN bids over $2.5 billion in projects per year.

Bob oversees a dedicated staff of 20 professionals and frequently the department bids several multimillion dollar projects in one day.  He manages his crew with a true team approach while constantly seeking the best competitive advantage.  Unlimited energy, drive and enjoyment of the bidding process support Bob’s talents and contribute to his success. 

Bob is a member of the National Society of Professional Engineers, the American Society of Professional Estimators, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and has served as President of the Groundhog Club Contractors Association.

Bob lives with his wife Melanie in Chicago’s western suburbs and has two grown sons.  In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, golfing and boating.