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"I've never been at a company before that's done so much to foster their employees' growth."

Dana Toscano
Providing comprehensive education and training to help our employees move ahead and learn the business.
That’s the Paschen Way.

Developing Our People for the Future

At Paschen, we believe our greatest asset is our people. 

To manage this invaluable resource, our philosophy is simple: we have a responsibility to develop each and every individual in our organization to his or her fullest potential.

That’s why we established Paschen University. 

A comprehensive training and education program, Paschen University gives our employees the tools to understand both their piece of the puzzle and the larger organization and mission, from top to bottom.

Moreover, Paschen University’s curriculum was specifically designed to educate employees not just on Paschen’s processes and procedures but on broader areas of the construction industry itself.  

The result: well-rounded team members who are better equipped to meet Paschen’s high standards of quality and excellence, and who are better prepared to succeed in their career.

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