Our Process
Using our forward-thinking, proven process to serve every client and contract, no matter how big or small.
That’s the Paschen Way.

Equal Service for Every Job

Paschen has not always been the major corporation we are today. We began as a small company serving the renovation needs of people in our community, and we’ve never forgotten where we came from. That’s why a basic principle of the Paschen Way is that we operate with the same process and attitude for all project types, all owners and all problems. 

At Paschen we give the same methodical, detailed and personalized service to each job from beginning to end:

  • Scaling our process to the appropriate size and level
  • Developing solutions to address the unique requirements of each contract
  • Striving to find efficiencies in every facet of the project to save time and money before any ground
    is broken
  • Never sacrificing safety or quality, for our people or the end user

Whether a major transit contract or a simple renovation project, from the time of inception to project closeout all Paschen team members work together to ensure we deliver on our promises and provide the same level of excellence for every project.

Want to learn more? Contact F.H. Paschen today to see how we can bring construction the Paschen way to your next project.