Our Mission
Three decades of working together as a team to achieve our mission. That’s the Paschen Way.

Our Mission

A mission statement isn’t just something we slap on our site because we think we have to. At F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen, we live and breathe our mission every single day. It’s the basis for how we operate our company and how we treat each and every job, client and partner.  

The Paschen mission is to utilize more than three decades of experience, expertise and leadership in the construction industry to deliver projects on time, within budget and to the complete satisfaction of our clients. 

  • Employing our proven methodologies
  • Providing qualified, professional personnel committed to the Paschen principles
  • Giving the same detailed attention to each and every project, regardless of size or complexity
  • Utilizing the latest innovation and project management tools
  • Developing alternative delivery methods
  • Promoting and creating partnerships with small and minority owned businesses
  • Ensuring a positive and safe work environment for all those who participate in building
    the Paschen way

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