Mentoring Programs
Paschen has used our experience and leadership to help thousands of small businesses advance in the industry. That’s the Paschen Way.

Growth through Mentoring

Paschen has a long and successful history of mentoring small businesses,
with a special emphasis on disadvantaged, minority- and women-owned enterprises.

We view the small businesses we work with as our partners, working closely with them to help them develop through new business opportunities and invaluable experience on larger, more complex jobs. In addition, we educate our small business partners on the Paschen Way, our proprietary approach to construction that emphasizes success through team leadership.

Paschen has been recognized for our leadership in developing small businesses by a wide range of prestigious industry organizations, including Black Contractors United, the Federation of Women Contractors, and the Hispanic American Construction Industry Association.

But perhaps a better indicator of our mentoring program’s success is the fact that many of the small businesses we have helped develop have grown to become our joint venture partners—and some even our competitors.

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