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Our internship program is designed to select and develop qualified college candidates. That’s the Paschen way.

Internship Program

For students pursuing careers in construction management, civil engineering, or related majors in the built environment, the internship program at F.H. Paschen is a wonderful way to get a glimpse at what the business is like, and hone their skills. Our program is available primarily to junior and senior college students, and can be very competitive. As a matter of fact, our internship program can be so popular that we have had interns start their construction careers with us as early as high school!

There are 3 internship periods: Summer, from June through August; Fall, from August through December; and Spring, from January through May.

Students are encouraged to complete multiple internships with F.H. Paschen to experience various roles, and gain confidence and knowledge in each division. After completing 2 or more internships, if a student demonstrates that he or she is a skilled worker, a dedicated team member, and a good fit with our corporate culture, that student may be offered a full time position as a Project Engineer upon graduation.


Ready to develop your abilities and get a feel for the business? If you’re interested in an internship with Paschen, apply online now.