"We are a foundation in Chicago.  I can't tell you how many times I drive in the city and am able to say 'Paschen built that'.  That's pretty cool."

Kathleen Pattison
Built from the ground up, always expanding our team, our services and our expertise. That’s the Paschen Way.

A History of Success

To know the history of Paschen is to understand the history of a company that has never settled for the status quo, that is continually evolving and building itself to expand our expertise and better serve our clients and our community.

The First Decade

In 1975, Frank H. Paschen founded Chicago Building Constructors, a general contracting company performing mostly remodeling and rehabilitation work in the Chicago area. Over the course of a decade we expanded our operations outside of Illinois into 3 new states and branched out into the heavy construction market, winning contracts for major transit, highway and bridge projects.

A New Name and New Markets

To reflect our broader scope of services as well as our expanded service area, in 1985 we changed our name to F.H. Paschen, Inc. During this time, Paschen embarked on a period of sustained growth, successfully expanding again into new markets, including municipalities, school districts, colleges and universities and public housing authorities, and formed our Job Order Contract (JOC) Division to better serve our new and growing clientele.

Acquiring S.N. Nielsen

With an eye toward new markets, in 1992 F.H. Paschen expanded once again with the acquisition of S.N. Nielsen, one of Chicago's oldest active general contracting firms, specializing in construction of health care, educational and institutional facilities.

Paschen Today

Today F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen has operations in Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Georgia, and Ohio and consists of over 200 technical professionals covering all construction disciplines. From planning to completion, we have the experience, expertise and personnel to facilitate every phase of construction.


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