F.H. Paschen doing business in Maryland with ezIQC®

This contract was competitively bid in accordance with the State of Maryland procurement regulations. Pursuant to the State of Maryland procurement regulations, the Unannotated Code of Maryland, State Finance and Procurement Section 13-110, all jurisdictions in the State of Maryland are able to utilize this Contract.

Projects completed under JOC contracts eliminate the need to use full procurement cycles for each and every project, reducing procurement time by 75-80% over traditional contracting methods.

Agencies can realize a savings of about 8-15% over other delivery methods and have a trusted general contractor available to provide solutions to your backlog of jobs, time sensitive projects, and emergency work. Construction needs will be fulfilled quickly, conveniently, and with the utmost quality.

And now with ezIQC, getting your project up and running is only a mouse click away. To get started on a project, go to www.ezIQC.com/F.H.Paschen, or contact Leo Wright, Michael Washington or Tony Trost for more information.

Leo Wright
Vice President - JOC Division

Michael Washington
Project Manager
Tony Trost
General Superintendent