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"Paschen is like family to me.  Three generations of my family have worked with Paschen spanning over the last 60 years."

Jim Roach
We have an extremely close team that lives and breathes in synch. That’s the Paschen way.

Company Culture

F.H. Paschen, S.N. Nielsen isn’t just a group of employees. We are a close-knit 2nd family that believes just as much in working hard as we do in playing hard.

Even when we’re faced with challenges, we find ways for each difficulty to bring us closer together, and gain a better understanding of one another. Every decision is made with the team in mind, and we are constantly growing and evolving into a better company – each and every day.

Collectively, we all have the same values and ideals about what a constructive workplace embodies. We are casual, both in dialogue and dress code. We are friendly and supportive. Most importantly, we are a team. We are PASCHEN.


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