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Paschen Begins Work on CTA Red Line South Reconstruction

June 2013

Last month started the five month shut down of the 40 year old CTA Red Line South Branch between Cermak Road and 95th Street. Ten miles of track will be rebuilt by another contractor with Paschen performing station improvements at eight stations. Improvements range from new paint and lighting to new benches and bike racks. Three new elevators will also be installed at Garfield, 63rd, and 87th to make all Red Line South Stations accessible.

The project hopes to achieve fast travel times, reduced delays, and improved station experiences. The CTA explored many options as to how best to complete this construction and selected this shut down as it would have taken four years for completion on a weekends-only schedule. This five-month option vs. a weekends-only option will also save CTA $75 million, which the city will reinvest into additional station upgrades. The savings are also providing the extensive alternative service during construction.

The Red Line South Branch opened to customers on September 28, 1969. Paschen Contractors, led by F.H. Paschen’s founder, Frank Paschen, constructed the original nine stations with Skidmore, Owings & Merrill as the design firm. Together, we improved visibility and security, as well as passenger experience. After 40 years, we are excited to revisit our project and make the improvements necessary to keep the Red Line South Branch functioning properly for CTA Customers for years to come.

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