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Paschen Hosts Final Friday in the Field of 2013

August 2013

Paschen’s last Friday in the Field took place in mid-July with interns and new hires heading out to the Algonquin Bypass and Heritage Park Flood Control sites.

The group arrived at the Algonquin site where Project Managers Dan Ewing and Vicki Caruso invited everyone into an older home near the site which has been converted into a field office. The PMs explained that this project has been in the works for about 25 years with a goal of improving traffic in the downtown area. The project started in September 2012 and will not wrap up until July 2014. There have been considerable unforeseen challenges when it comes to underground utility conflicts during excavation. To compensate, the team has tried to move to another area of the project where they can keep working to stay productive and on schedule. Paschen is self-performing a large portion of the work which consists of 110,000 sy of concrete, 4 bridges, and 11 retaining walls. The project has a little bit of everything so it was a great site for the interns to explore and while walking past concrete pours and incomplete bridges, the group had the chance to ask a variety of questions and learn what exactly goes into a job of this magnitude. Vicki and Dan wrapped up the day with some great advice for after graduation, “it’s not what you know, it’s what you do to figure it out.”

Next stop was the Heritage Park Flood Control project in Wheeling to talk with Project Manager Mike Jasek. The site is 88 acres in size and Paschen is currently digging six basins to hold Des Plaines River overflow, with each basin able to hold 10 million gallons of water. To excavate the basins, 300,000 cy of dirt was hauled off to other projects or landfills, based on soil quality, and 40 semis of sod were been brought in to line the basins. Underneath the sod is three miles of perforated pipe to keep the grass alive. In addition, Paschen has performed 4,000 cy of concrete work and constructed two bridges. A park is also being built within the project limits with amenities including four baseball fields, a concessions facility, a band shell for concerts, a pavilion, and four soccer fields. Expected completion for this project is March of 2014.

Last week marked the end of summer internships here at Paschen and mentors, interns, and new graduate hires headed to Arlington Park to bet on some horses and celebrate all of their hard work they put in this summer. Thank you to everyone involved in our internship program and good luck in the upcoming school year!